Karin Schuff

Die Künstlerin Karin Schuff Biografie

" Karin Schuff  “Pictures which are all black“

...“Karin Schuff will rarely leave her Black on ist own, but will support it with contrasting colors which make it deep and gleaming. She chooses between small-format intimacy and far-reaching dramatic presentation. Using wide brushes she will achieve exciting immediacy thus genially playing with the depth in space rendering it a matter of course.
Only the best in drawing the abstract, the expressive, the informal and the gestural may reach the same immediacy as Karin Schuff.
That is why we also display two pieces of art by K.R.H. Sonderborg in this exhibit to prove that Karin Schuff is on par and that she is lightyears away from an abstractness that blocks more than it displays, pretends more than it can offer for real.

...“there is a cosmos of variability in the small- format pieces while Karin Schuff makes her subjectively true reality become  an image, always working in an authentic and self-reflective way. In its wake a wonderful depth in space will develop, together with an image that is producing a light adequate to any sanctuary.“

...“in fact , I do not want to search the feminine in Karin Schuff`s art, though I I see ist presence. The enormous power and energy in her art is neither martial nor militant but is filled with a real strength to live out the skill of creating something new that will- despite all near familiarity- will always be individual.“

Excerpts from Prof. Dr. Helge Bartheit M.A. introduction to the exhibit  in “Gallery Im Kulturzentrum der Stadt Herrenberg“, 2010